It’s true that communication is central to every aspect of the local church structure today, technically making every leader in the church a communicator. But as the communication department, it is their role in ministry to insure that members are kept informed and the church is properly represented to the public. Following are the four areas that encompass our ministry as communication team in this local church:

Public Relations
i. As a ministry team, they are responsible for building, monitoring, and protecting the image of the local church and its name, within the community.
ii. They Build and nurture relationships with community leaders, clubs, and organizations, and encourage increased church involvement and support in the community when and where appropriate.
iii. They monitor and maintain the church web site; newsletters, church directory, and member of communication association like the Society of Adventist Communicators and the Religious Communication Council.

Media Relations
i. Their objective is to raise public awareness of our church-its members, its mission, and its message; work to get church activities and events noted in the media; and help to get the church’s views included in the news adequately and accurately.
ii. They also develop and maintain a local media contact list; seek coverage of camp meeting, a health fair, or a Pathfinder event that benefits kids or the community.